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I'm pretty new to this site so I decided to introduce myself. Interact with this post if you post/reblog any of these so I can follow you:

  • Haikyuu!!
  • bnha
  • hetalia
  • noragami
  • soul eater
  • kyoukai no kanata
  • fma/fmab
  • aot
  • bloodborne/dark souls
  • shades of magic trilogy
  • monsters of verity
  • the name of the wind
  • your art/anything about art in general

And a little about myself, my name is Fruzsi, I'm a 17 y.o. bi Transylvanian Hungarian girl who loves to write and draw. I'm in multishipping hell so hmu with your rarepairs and I'll love you forever. On this blog I'll post my art and reblog stuff about the aforementioned topics.

I'd love to make friends here so don't be afraid to message me!

My art and fandom blog on tumblr is @fruzsidrawsthings, my writing blog is @fruzsiwrites.

I don't know. Inspiration of 2 am again, and I'm sleepy xD... but when inspiration comes, I can't let it go, lol....

Boris is so amused....

Boris / Ivan © Himaruya

* don't repost *


I didn't know I needed this ship but apparently I did

your art is so pretty!

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A messy sketch I did today. I know, it's a really old meme but I wanted to draw them


Hey! reblog if you post any stuff in the list so i can start following people, my dash is bare atm :)

  • Red vs blue
  • Halo
  • My hero academia
  • She-re and the Princesses of power
  • Voltron
  • Kuroko no basket
  • Rooster teeth
  • Achievement hunter
  • Haikyuu

Mostly haikyuu but bnha too sometimes

I'm new to this site too and idk if I'll be very active here but I'll do my best!